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Jeremiah 29:11 - “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that in 2016, the Sunshine State was the home of 395,806 traffic crashes!  What this means is that here in Florida, there are 1,084 traffic crashes.  Every.  Single.  Day. 

That same year, 254,163 people, either drivers or passengers, were injured, and 3,177 were killed in vehicular accidents!  This means that statistically, in 2016, one percent of people involved in auto accidents were killed, and an astonishing 64% suffered noteworthy injuries!  These statistics are staggering.  What’s worse is that these numbers increased nearly 72% from only five years earlier!  That’s right:  In 2011, Florida saw 229,248 traffic crashes with 182,028 injuries and 2,408 fatalities. 

When asked what they believe causes the most traffic accidents, the majority of people answered texting while driving or drunk driving.  While they are absolutely correct, those are just a couple of the numerous common reasons for automobile accidents. 

The sixteen most common reasons for auto accidents are as follows:

1. Distracted Driving (texting, cell phone usage)
2. Drunk Driving
3. Speeding
4. Reckless Driving (weaving in and out of traffic)
5. Rain (slick roads, limited visibility)
6. Running Red Lights (and stop signs)
7. Nighttime Driving (limited visibility)
8. Automotive Design Defects
9. Tailgating (following too closely)
10. Wrong-Way Driving / Improper Turns
11. Teenage Drivers (inexperienced drivers)
12. Drugs (street drugs or prescription)
13. Potholes (or other road damage)
14. Tire Blowouts
15. Animal Crossings
16. Construction Sites (unclear driving path, uneven driving surface)

Other reasons not listed above include:

17. Old Age (slower reflexes)
18. Poor Judgment (human error)
19. Driver Injury or Illness (seizure, stroke, heart attack, diabetic attack while driving)
20. Improperly Maintained Vehicle (bald tires, bad brakes, etc.)
21. Criminal Activity (fleeing police, kidnapped drivers, etc.)
22. Children playing near road (running in road, throwing ball or frisbee in road)
23. Dangerous Pranks (throwing something off overpass into oncoming traffic)
24. Terrorist Act (purposeful driving of vehicle into other vehicles, explosion)
25. Railroad Tracks (gate not coming down, vehicle stuck on tracks, struck by train)
26. Force Majeure (Act of God, tornado touchdown, earthquake, tsunami)
27. Black Ice (slippery road)
28. Snow (slippery driving surface, limited visibility)
29. Cold Weather (frozen bridges and overpasses)
30. Debris in Road (fallen tree limbs, animal carcasses, garbage cans, recycle bins, coolers, ladders, and other items fallen off of work trucks, garbage trucks, or pickup trucks, etc.)

Did you pay close attention to number eight?  Automotive Design Defects.  Most people would be surprised at the number of car accidents – and injuries – that happen, not due to the fault of any driver, but because of a defective vehicle part!  A single defective auto part can jeopardize the safety – not to mention the life – of the vehicle’s driver and passengers as well as that of every other person in every other vehicle – or pedestrian – in the vicinity.

During the phase when the vehicle is being designed and constructed, each part is tested thoroughly to ensure that the vehicle meets the required performance and safety standards.  But even with safety measures such as this in place, component defects occasionally go undetected.

Dean Burnetti Law handles defective automobile part injury cases

Defective auto parts can cause major injuries or even death in many different ways, including, but not limited to:

If a car’s part or component is designed properly but manufactured improperly, causing a dangerous condition, this is known as a manufacturing defect.

While it may seem difficult to fathom that with so many safety protocols in place, an auto manufacturer could allow a defective part to go unnoticed, once you take into consideration that a single vehicle averages roughly 30,000 different parts (counting everything down to the last screw and bolt), is it then so hard to believe?

Dean Burnetti Law handles defective automobile part injury cases

In order for a vehicle or auto part to be considered defective, an obscured dangerous condition must exist when the vehicle is sold to the consumer.  If the design of the vehicle creates an excessive risk of injury, this is considered a design defect.

Sometimes, the manufacturer of the automobile fails to provide an adequate warning of a potential hazard.  The law requires automakers to warn consumers of potential risks.  That’s why there are so many warning labels inside the door jamb, on the back of visors, and in the owner’s manual.  If an injury or death is caused by something that could have been foreseen by the manufacturer but was unknown to the car owner, this is a failure to warn defect.

It may surprise you to learn just how often automobile manufacturers actually know that their cars are not as safe as they could be.  One of the most shocking, high-profile automotive defects was the defective Takata airbag, which led to the largest automotive recall in the world!

Takata is a Japanese firm whose exploding airbags resulted in the recall of more than 70 million vehicles in the United States, and over 100 million vehicles worldwide. The affected automobiles included models from 14 different manufacturers.  As of December 2017, twenty people have died and more than 150 were severely injured.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 - “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!”

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