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Destination: Anywhere, here we come!  After months, maybe years of working hard, cutting corners, and dreaming of the day you and your family can take that magical once-in-a-lifetime vacation, you’re anxious to dip your toes in the [ocean | sand | snow], to relax and lie back on the [beach | massage table | grass], to take a walk [down Hollywood Boulevard | along the River Seine | along the shoreline in Waikiki], to sleep [under the stars in Big Sky Country | in a Nantucket bed and breakfast | in a balconied Suite aboard a luxury cruise ship], to climb [down the Grand Canyon | up Mount Kilimanjaro |  across the Canopy Walkway in Peru], to romp [in the Pacific Ocean with dolphins | across the Serengeti with zebras | over an Arctic Iceberg with penguins], or to have your photo taken with [Mickey Mouse | a Palace Guard at Windsor Castle | Ernest Hemmingway’s 6-toed cats].  You may be headed to Paris, France or Paris, Texas.  You might see a cross country flight to the Magic Kingdom in your future with your spouse and all the kids, or you might envision a romantic Caribbean cruise with only you and your sweetheart as the perfect way to unwind.

Dean Burnetti Law handles Travel Injury CasesWhatever the setting is, everything will be perfect – until someone gets hurt.  Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere, and cruise ships and airplanes are no exception. 

Although serious travel disasters are uncommon, they do happen.  But more often than the extreme scenario of a plane crash or sinking ship, passengers are injured by:

Dean Burnetti Law handles Travel Injury CasesAirlines and cruise lines, alike, owe a duty of care to protect their passengers from harm.  Commercial airline companies and commercial cruise ship lines are legally classified as “common carriers” because they offer transportation services to the public. In the event of an accident or passenger injury, common carriers are held to a more stringent standard of care than that of private carriers.

Common carriers are also governed by regulatory bodies that set standards of safety within each mode of transportation.  For example, when a passenger is injured or killed on a cruise ship, that action falls under General Maritime Law.  And the Federal Aviation Administration is the governing body for commercial airlines.

If a United States resident was injured or killed on an international flight, the Montreal Convention allows them to file a lawsuit in the United States regardless of where the injury occurred.

Cruise ship tickets often contain a “forum selection clause” meaning that if you wish to bring a lawsuit against the cruise line, you must file it in the state where the cruise line is located. Your ticket will likely also instruct you to notify the cruise line’s home office of any injury or illness to attribute to your voyage within a certain amount of time.

Both maritime and aviation litigation can be quite complex.  If you or a loved one was injured on a cruise ship or commercial airplane, you should seek an attorney with a good understanding of state, federal, and possibly international law.

To conclude, if you happened to have been injured while traveling for business purposes, you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits in addition to pursuing a civil claim for your injury.

Proverbs 16:9 - “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

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